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Dealing With Doubt

We can believe other people for their miracles but when He asks us to trust Him through a storm or have faith when the things we see aren’t lining up with the Word He gave us…

You have to talk about racism with your kids.

One of the issues that we parents have to understand and address with our teens, is racism. Racism is everywhere lately. It is in the news. Our kids are all around it. It permeates their social media. It is in the music. It is all around them. Let’s define racism first. Racism is defined as…

You Made Us Stink!

I have been teaching through the book of Exodus with the youth group. I have just been taking it chapter by chapter and really without an outline. I wanted the scriptures to just speak for themselves. When students would ask questions, we would stop and examine the scripture more closely. When we ran across the…

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