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Warning!! Your Kids Are Under Attack!!!

Turn on the news, open a social media platform, look at a paper, (are those still around?) or just look at our teens, they are under attack from all angles. No, it is not like it used to be when we were young. These kids are on a whole other playing field. They are under…

Deciding to Wait.

For the Ones Who Decided to Wait. “You’re still a virgin?” “Wow, good for you! I could never do that.” “There are still twenty-six-year-old virgins? WOW!” Have you ever made a decision when you were a teenager and stuck to it? Yeah, I know, most of us don’t. And in 100% honesty, the majority of…

Dealing With Doubt

We can believe other people for their miracles but when He asks us to trust Him through a storm or have faith when the things we see aren’t lining up with the Word He gave us…

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