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BBQ, Biscuits, and the Bible

My best friend and I made a visit to a hospital in Birmingham the other night. We visited a young couple whose sweet baby is in the NICU. We talked for a while. I shared some funny and true stories and we encouraged them. We prayed and headed out. The next order of business was…


Church prom season has passed us. Easter was yesterday, and some people made their bi-annual church trip. The Easter Bunny made his stops. I swapped for an additional chocolate bunny. There were great outfits, great music, powerful videos, and good preaching. There were tons of people in alters, praying, crying, and giving their lives to…

Warning!! Your Kids Are Under Attack!!!

Turn on the news, open a social media platform, look at a paper, (are those still around?) or just look at our teens, they are under attack from all angles. No, it is not like it used to be when we were young. These kids are on a whole other playing field. They are under…

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