Facts Over Fear

Teenagers ask my advice on decisions all the time. Some take my advice, and some do not. I always tell them to make decisions based on facts rather than fear. I know that sounds simple, but teens and adults alike make decisions based on fear rather than facts. A quick Google search on facts over fear will net you 600 million results. The top ones are all about the Covid 19 vaccine and the facts about it. See fear motivates people to make decisions in a stressful moment, and usually those decisions are not sound ones. The fear is real and seeps into our lives and we start to make decisions based on dealing with or overcoming those fears. Teens are afraid in decision making because some have been sheltered, controlled, or do not have all the facts. So, here is how I tell teens and adults alike to make decisions.

  1. Gather Facts

One of the best ways to root out fear in decision making is to replace the unknown with facts. “Google is your friend” is a statement I use to guide people. The “More You Know” was a series of infomercials in the late 80’s and encouraged people to become better educated on certain subjects. This little piece of advice is key to rooting out fear and replacing fear with facts.

2. Seek Counsel

When making big decisions in life, seek wise Godly counsel. Find a few people you can talk to and explain your plans to. Be prepared to be told your decision is unwise or not the best plan of action. Accept that advice and choose wisely.

Proverbs 15:22

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

These two steps seem very obvious, but people fly right by them and do not slow down to work through the issues. So, do your homework, seek guidance, and pray about the decision. Ask God for the wisdom to guide your decisions and He is faithful to give you both wisdom and guidance.

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