Satan, culture, and economic success.

By now we have all heard about Lil Nas X and his new video where he is giving Satan a lap dance. He also released a shoe that contained human blood and satanic symbols. Those same satanic symbols are obviously spread throughout the video and across his brand. I had numerous people ask me about it and my thoughts on the whole thing. I think some were shocked when I said its just a rerun. My whole life I have seen music artist do this. They use satanic symbols, language, and imagery to sell records. It is all a ruse to get attention and sell records and in turn make money. Ozzy Osborn, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Billie Eillish, and now Lil Nas X, have all used the same ideas and imagery to sell albums and garner attention. It is an old trick to get us to talk about and listen to or watch their videos or music. Which in turn makes them money, which is their whole goal. Look how fast the Lil Nas X shoot sold out. Look at the backlash against him and against Nike who had nothing to do with the project. Shoes are selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market, the video has millions of views, and he has plenty of attention. Thats the name of the game folks, attention. Attention leads to views and views lead to profits. PT Barnum said “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” That has been proven true numerous times.

So, lets talk Satan for a moment. There is true evil in this world, Satan is alive and well. He is not red and does not have horns. He is not interested in the Satanic symbols or their church. He wanted to be like God and therefore he wants the worship of Gods people. He wants his own kingdom. He is the master of camouflage. The modern church and society has done a poor job of putting Satan and his plans in front of the church. His plans and methods remain the same, imitation, deception, and guilt. So be aware that evil is real and it always has a plan, to steal, kill and destroy.

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