TikTok is Bad for Your Teen? No kidding.

An article from the Wall Street Journal came to me from a friend about the dangers of TikTok. I read it and was like, no kidding it is not a place for teens. I could have told you this real quick. Why? The content. However, the Wall Street Journal created dozens of accounts for fictional users between the ages of 13 and 15. The findings should leave parents dumbfounded, but I am sure that parents will not be phased. They found this startling number.

“TikTok served one account registered as a 13-year-old at least 569 videos about drug use, references to cocaine and meth addiction, and promotional videos for online sales of drug products and paraphernalia. Hundreds of similar videos appeared in the feeds of the Journal’s other minor accounts.”

So what is a parent to do? Sadly, most will do nothing and allow their highly impressionable child, and make no mistake, a 13-15 year old is most assuredly a child, to continue on TikTok because of the amount of blowback their child will give them. My advice, get your young kids off of TikTok. It is unhealthy for them. The WSJ article also found that “others encouraged eating disorders and glorified alcohol, including depictions of drinking and driving and of drinking games.” TikTok is like Alice in Wonderland, your kids are Alice and they get lost so quickly down the rabbits hole. They will see things that they shouldn’t be exposed to. Told things about themselves that they shouldn’t be told at that age.

One last point. Their is porn on TikTok. Not your run of the mill porn but porn nonetheless. Porn is about arousal and there is plenty of that on TikTok. For example “I gotta small waist, pretty face with a big bank” TikTok that all these girls do, is by definition porn. I can not even pull up TikTok without seeing at least one of those videos. With TikTok’s powerful algorithm, I will now see more of the same. This is how it is fed to your child. Parents, listen to me, I know we did not have social media growing up, and a return to that would be great, but it is not gonna happen. So be a parent and talk to your kids about it and get them young kids off the TikTok for now.

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