Feet pics, messaging, and your teen.

Kids say the darndest things. They especially say those things when there is a sense of anonymity to them. A friend of mine asked recently if she should go through her teenage daughters phone, and my resounding answer was, YES!!!!!!! Now it is not only for snooping for anything your child has sent that may be inappropriate, but to see what people are sending your teen. See, our teens see, hear, and observe the world and then act accordingly. They are getting request for nudes, feet pics, live chats from the shower, request for meet ups, and attention from people they may know and may not know. So, as a parent you have to protect your child from the wolves out there. That cell phone is a huge window to your childs world. It provides so many opportunities for a glimpse into the private life of your kids. Social media is the number one tool for child predators to locate your kids, see private details about their lives, and move predatorily towards those kids. Now the best solution is to simply through their phone away, however in todays world, that is just not practical. Kids need their phones, and they need to learn how to behave on their phones. What they say, what they post, the amount of screen time, the content on their phone, has to be filtered through the parents. One of the comments on my friends question was that at their house phones are left to charge in a public area overnight. That is a great idea. We as parents have to be diligent about our child’s electronic consumption.

To the parents of prepubescent and teenage boys, do you realize how quickly and easily our sons can access porn? Less than 10 seconds. Do you know how highly addictive that porn is? Do you know how your kids hide that porn on their phones? Do you know how that effects a teenage boys brain for decades to come? Did you know that studies show that age 12 is the first time they view porn? Did you know porn destroys a young mans sex drive? Did you know that boys ages 17-29 are the most prescribed Viagra patients? Did you know that the long term effects of porn addiction lead to a ton of relationship problems? Did you know that your child’s friends are sharing porn with them? Did you know most porn is viewed in the hours between 8am and 5 pm? Did you know porn dehumanizes women? Did you know that porn accelerates sexual gratification? There are so many issues to cover with your boys.

To the parents of prepubescent and teenage girls, did you know your daughters are being sexualized at early ages? Did you know our daughters are becoming sexually active at younger ages? Did you know people look for sexual images of our daughters? Did you know that swimsuit pics are the number one way child sexual predators find victims? Did you know that our daughters are groomed by culture to become sexually identified earlier and earlier? Did you know that our daughters are being taught sex is their greatest tool? Did you know that our daughters are learning to use sex to get what they want? Did you know that our daughters crave male attention? Did you know that porn consumption among teenage girls is at its highest usage ever? I mean our girls are under attack from every angle.

So, I hope that maybe you stopped to think about all of this as a whole. Parenting is a hard job, with great rewards and ruthless consequences. We MUST protect our kids from the world around them and themselves. It is our job to help them become the best versions of themselves.

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