Warning!! Your Kids Are Under Attack!!!

Turn on the news, open a social media platform, look at a paper, (are those still around?) or just look at our teens, they are under attack from all angles. No, it is not like it used to be when we were young. These kids are on a whole other playing field. They are under attack from all sides and facing extreme pressures and challenges we couldn’t imagine years ago. I saw yesterday an article about a 16-year-old transgender kid, yes a 16-year-old is a kid, who killed a 13-year-old girl. Just google teens and crime, it is eye-opening. As a Christian, I recognize that the enemy is always on the prowl. (1 Peter 5:8) and one of the easiest targets is teenagers. Why? That is a great question. Lets look at some reasons below.

Teenagers are naïve

Remember when you were a teenager? Painful huh? We were young and dumb and naïve. So are the teenagers of today. They do not know just how influenced they are by their surroundings. Their music, movies, social media, friends, and society. As a Christian parent, you have to become aware of what your kids are influenced by. The movies and shows that they watch are littered with sex, drugs, and messages that are anti-Gospel. We see that there is an agenda crammed down our teens throats, and it is not a Gospel Jesus centered message. Nope, it…….

Record Scratch

I wrote those words back in the fall of last year and then abandoned that post and left it in my drafts. I felt that post was a little conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearing, seeing the devil everywhere, and a little mean or not loving enough for Christians. I had come to the conclusion that maybe it was just me becoming more spiritual aware of the playbook of the enemy. Then last night at the Grammys, spiritual warfare was on display for the world. Sam Smith, a nongendered singer, performed what I would call a Satanic style ritual for the world to see with a transgendered musician in tow. It just made me mad. For years, Christians have been told not to fight the culture wars. Well, that is over. We have lost. Look around, there are so many evil forces at work, and they are preying on our teens. It is time for parents to parent and Christians to command that our enemy be named.

Using Satan for marketing and fame is nothing new. I am a child of the 80’s. We know about Alice Cooper and Ozzy. They both used the whole Satanic marketing ploy to their advantage. There is no such thing as bad press if you recall. However, this new stuff is different. The whole Lil Nas X, of Old Town Road fame, Satan lap dance and selling Satan sneakers, was pretty much forgotten. There just seems to be more satanic symbolism going on since then. Now most are using that for pure shock value. If we zoom out a little further, we see a culture swimming in satanic symbols and ritualism. Music, movies, television, video games, are all dripping in these symbols. Why? Because it sells. It seems to be apart of the whole “rebellious” theme. It is not. The fake rebellion is really fitting in with the cultural norm.

Our teens are being told that they are at minimum bisexual. That white folks are inherently racist. God hates them. Jesus was a hippie. The amount of lies and negative voices being told to them is the reason they are in the mental shape they are in. The lies they hear from social media, the mean girls, and the world, are destroying our teenage girls. Lies such as

  • You aren’t pretty enough.
  • You are too short.
  • You’re too tall.
  • You are too fat.
  • You’re too skinny.
  • You are dumb.
  • Four eyes. (Just for Amber)
  • You have no value other than sex.
  • Your clothes aren’t good enough.

You get the idea. Lies being told to them all day everyday. This is page by page from Satan’s playbook.

Destroy them while they are young, and that will prevent them from growing to what God has designed them and called them to be, wives and moms.

No, that is not all they are designed to be, but think of those as foundational designs. Women rule the world!

Boys are drowning in toxic masculinity. Locker room talk, social media thots, readily accessible porn, lack of Godly men in their lives, and a lack of moral toughness. These young teens and twentysomethings just have a lack of Godly masculinity in their lives. They do not know how a Godly man should act or behave or carry themselves. They are being raised by women who have to work so many hours to support them because their father is nowhere to be found. This is straight out of Satan’s playbook.

  • Get young boys to see women as purely sexual objects.
  • Get men to be addicted to porn and ruin their God-given sex life.
  • Get young boys to have no moral foundations, there is no right or wrong.
  • Get young boys to think that the more women they have sex with, the more “manly” they are.

Yes I have more for young boys. I see it as the largest place that Satan attacks. To destroy Gods creation, the family, he has to start early. Over the next few weeks we are going to delve further into this topic. So subscribe.

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