Church prom season has passed us. Easter was yesterday, and some people made their bi-annual church trip. The Easter Bunny made his stops. I swapped for an additional chocolate bunny. There were great outfits, great music, powerful videos, and good preaching. There were tons of people in alters, praying, crying, and giving their lives to Jesus. Great experience! 10 out of 10. Now, what about today? It is Monday. Back to work, back to normal, and back to the way things were. Easter is in the rearview. Call me a pessimist, but if you encounter Jesus on a Sunday and have no aftermath on Monday, what you had was an emotional experience. Yes, churches know how to get you emotional. Emotions lead to movement. Yes, people get all wrapped up in emotions. Some churches make emotions the experience. However, if you encounter Jesus for real, it is an absolutely fundamental change in your life. Monday should look like the aftermath of war. Your life as it was should be destroyed and left in ruins. Your new, peaceful life should be on the horizon. If you have been saved for a while, the preaching should leave you black and blue. It should punch you! It should leave you pondering and checking your life. Think of the aftermath of the first Easter.

Jerusalem was still buzzing from the crucifixion. The Apostles were scattered. They were hiding. Jesus was dead. Guards were still at Jesus’s tomb. The throngs of Jesus’s disciples were stunned. Judas was dead. The cross was still laying there covered in Jesus’ blood. Some of the Jewish leaders were happy. Some were not. God was pleased. Jesus was at work. Soon, Mary Magdalene would be on the way to Jesus’ tomb, to check on it. Then boom, everything changes. There’s an earthquake. An angel appeared. The guards at the tomb are scared to death and pass out. The angel tells Mary that Jesus is not here. They run to tell the Disciples. They run straight into Jesus. They fell at His feet. John outran Peter. Jesus appears to them. Thomas touches His scars. Jesus gives the Great Commission. 40 days after the resurrection Jesus ascends to Heaven. The aftermath is still ongoing. This is why you cannot encounter Jesus one day, and continue on the next as if nothing has happened. Jesus was and is life-changing. He was then and He is now. The aftermath of encountering Jesus is amazing and changes our lives forever!

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