Dealing With Doubt

How often are we fully aware of what God is leading us to do, and we run in the opposite direction because of the winds and waves? How many times are we like the disciples in the boat – too afraid to walk toward the promise because of everything going on around us? In Matthew 14, the disciples are in a boat, going to the other side while Jesus is on the mountain praying. The Bible says that Jesus came to them at the fourth watch (which would’ve been around 3 am in the morning) and suddenly they see what they believe to be a ghost walking on the water. In vs. 26, it says that “they were terrified.” All I have to say right here is… They had just watched Jesus feed the 5,000. WHY WERE THEY AFRAID?!? They should’ve had enough faith that they could’ve spoken to everything going on around them at that moment and the atmosphere completely changed. But that wasn’t the case because they THOUGHT they saw something that wasn’t there and were terrified.

How often are we as Believers like the disciples? They watched Him as He performed miracles, listened as He taught the Word, and even heard Him pray directly to His Father… But they still doubted Him and His power. We have the Bible, His voice, books of encouragement and growth, and a song for any situation… And we still doubt Him.  He heals people we love, restores friends’ marriages, provides money when our cars are broken down and places to live when we’ve been evicted and we’re running around scared of something that’s not there. We can believe other people for their miracles but when He asks us to trust Him through a storm or have faith when the things we see aren’t lining up with the Word He gave us… We instantly doubt that He can do anything. I know what it does to me when people doubt me so I can only imagine what it does to the One who created heaven and earth. The One who parted the Red Sea and saved the Israelites time and time again. What must our doubt in Him do to His heart?

When He calls us out on the waves like Jesus did with Peter, we should NOT hurl doubt and fear at Him. Trust me, I know. I’m preaching to the choir. There are a couple of situations in my life right now that look NOTHING like what God has shown me. Confirmation or no confirmation, I still doubt His words occasionally because… I don’t SEE what He sees. I see everything going wrong. It’s hard to trust and have faith in those times no matter who you are. So when I say that we should be able to turn our back on every distraction in the boat (fear, doubt, worry, insecurity, etc) to walk towards our promise on the waves, I’m writing to myself just as much as I’m writing to you!

Once Peter got out of the boat and began walking on the water, he took his focus off Jesus and started to sink. He started to fear and called Jesus to save him. I’m sure Jesus would have saved him even if he hadn’t called out to Him but that’s not what grabs my attention in this part of the story. It’s what Jesus said to Peter… “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” After that, they got in the boat and the storm stopped. Can you imagine? I assume there are MANY times in our faith walk when our Father is sitting in heaven asking us why we doubt. What would your response be? I wish Peter’s response to Jesus was in the Word but… It’s not.

Jesus could’ve walked out on that water earlier before the waves were too treacherous. He could’ve marched on down there and calmed it down in the second watch. So, why did He wait until the fourth watch of the night? Sometimes, we think He’s late but… He’s always on time. The later He shows up, the more struggle we face and that’s where our faith comes from. He allows us to struggle so that our faith will grow because when He shows up and that miracle takes place… We are able to see who He is for real!! Once Jesus and Peter were on the boat, the disciples worshiped and said, “Truly You are the Son of God.” 

Don’t detest the struggle. Have faith. Trust Him. Believe His words and no one else’s because we know the truth of who He is when we have struggled to believe. I’m anticipating the miracles and moves of God in my situations. I don’t SEE it but my faith isn’t based on what I see (Hebrews 11:1).

Amber Smith Dash
Virtual Assistant

Warning!! Your Kids Are Under Attack!!!

Turn on the news, open a social media platform, look at a paper, (are those still around?) or just look at our teens, they are under attack from all angles. No, it is not like it used to be when we were young. These kids are on a whole other playing field. They are under attack from all sides and facing extreme pressures and challenges we couldn’t imagine years ago. I saw yesterday an article about a 16-year-old transgender kid, yes a 16-year-old is a kid, who killed a 13-year-old girl. Just google teens and crime, it is eye-opening. As a Christian, I recognize that the enemy is always on the prowl. (1 Peter 5:8) and one of the easiest targets is teenagers. Why? That is a great question. Lets look at some reasons below.

Teenagers are naïve

Remember when you were a teenager? Painful huh? We were young and dumb and naïve. So are the teenagers of today. They do not know just how influenced they are by their surroundings. Their music, movies, social media, friends, and society. As a Christian parent, you have to become aware of what your kids are influenced by. The movies and shows that they watch are littered with sex, drugs, and messages that are anti-Gospel. We see that there is an agenda crammed down our teens throats, and it is not a Gospel Jesus centered message. Nope, it…….

Record Scratch

I wrote those words back in the fall of last year and then abandoned that post and left it in my drafts. I felt that post was a little conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearing, seeing the devil everywhere, and a little mean or not loving enough for Christians. I had come to the conclusion that maybe it was just me becoming more spiritual aware of the playbook of the enemy. Then last night at the Grammys, spiritual warfare was on display for the world. Sam Smith, a nongendered singer, performed what I would call a Satanic style ritual for the world to see with a transgendered musician in tow. It just made me mad. For years, Christians have been told not to fight the culture wars. Well, that is over. We have lost. Look around, there are so many evil forces at work, and they are preying on our teens. It is time for parents to parent and Christians to command that our enemy be named.

Using Satan for marketing and fame is nothing new. I am a child of the 80’s. We know about Alice Cooper and Ozzy. They both used the whole Satanic marketing ploy to their advantage. There is no such thing as bad press if you recall. However, this new stuff is different. The whole Lil Nas X, of Old Town Road fame, Satan lap dance and selling Satan sneakers, was pretty much forgotten. There just seems to be more satanic symbolism going on since then. Now most are using that for pure shock value. If we zoom out a little further, we see a culture swimming in satanic symbols and ritualism. Music, movies, television, video games, are all dripping in these symbols. Why? Because it sells. It seems to be apart of the whole “rebellious” theme. It is not. The fake rebellion is really fitting in with the cultural norm.

Our teens are being told that they are at minimum bisexual. That white folks are inherently racist. God hates them. Jesus was a hippie. The amount of lies and negative voices being told to them is the reason they are in the mental shape they are in. The lies they hear from social media, the mean girls, and the world, are destroying our teenage girls. Lies such as

  • You aren’t pretty enough.
  • You are too short.
  • You’re too tall.
  • You are too fat.
  • You’re too skinny.
  • You are dumb.
  • Four eyes. (Just for Amber)
  • You have no value other than sex.
  • Your clothes aren’t good enough.

You get the idea. Lies being told to them all day everyday. This is page by page from Satan’s playbook.

Destroy them while they are young, and that will prevent them from growing to what God has designed them and called them to be, wives and moms.

No, that is not all they are designed to be, but think of those as foundational designs. Women rule the world!

Boys are drowning in toxic masculinity. Locker room talk, social media thots, readily accessible porn, lack of Godly men in their lives, and a lack of moral toughness. These young teens and twentysomethings just have a lack of Godly masculinity in their lives. They do not know how a Godly man should act or behave or carry themselves. They are being raised by women who have to work so many hours to support them because their father is nowhere to be found. This is straight out of Satan’s playbook.

  • Get young boys to see women as purely sexual objects.
  • Get men to be addicted to porn and ruin their God-given sex life.
  • Get young boys to have no moral foundations, there is no right or wrong.
  • Get young boys to think that the more women they have sex with, the more “manly” they are.

Yes I have more for young boys. I see it as the largest place that Satan attacks. To destroy Gods creation, the family, he has to start early. Over the next few weeks we are going to delve further into this topic. So subscribe.

Deciding to Wait.

For the Ones Who Decided to Wait.

“You’re still a virgin?”

“Wow, good for you! I could never do that.”

“There are still twenty-six-year-old virgins? WOW!”

Have you ever made a decision when you were a teenager and stuck to it? Yeah, I know, most of us don’t. And in 100% honesty, the majority of things I said when I was a teenager, didn’t hold up but there was one decision I made that stuck and that was the decision to remain pure until marriage. I got married recently and am so humbled to say that, I was a virgin on my wedding night at twenty-seven years old.

Before you freak out, I’ll warn you… this topic has never been taboo for me. I’ve always been open regarding my virginity because I wasn’t ashamed of it. I was proud of it. I wanted to see people my age take the same stand, but this definitely wasn’t the popular route to take. The majority of my friends gave their virginity to their husbands before they got married or to guys they didn’t marry or, are still giving sex to men who won’t even entertain the thought of marriage.

I dated a few guys and a couple of guys I made mistakes with, but I never gave them that special gift and on the night that I experienced sex for the first time, I was so glad. It was such a humbling experience and honestly, I cried. Not because it hurt, not because it was uncomfortable, not because I wasn’t happy with my body but, because I knew at that moment that my husband loved me beyond any measure of the imagination. You see, my husband waited until marriage as well. Was he perfect?! By no means… We’d both made mistakes. Perhaps he wasn’t my first love and maybe I wasn’t his first kiss but we both gave each other a very special gift when we got married, and that was our entire being, with no one else getting in the way of it.

I was eating lunch a few days ago at a sit-down restaurant. I was by myself and was in a hurry to get my food, eat and go. I heard a man and a woman talking in the booth behind me and they were talking about dating. I’m not sure if they were on a date or had both recently been on dates and were reevaluating them but I know they were talking about their experiences with the opposite sex. During their conversation, I heard the guy mention a girl he was interested in but she was a virgin and when he found out, he became uninterested in her. My mind was instantly blown. I’d never heard such a ridiculous statement in real life. Perhaps on TV but not in real life. In my dating years, I never had someone become uninterested in me because I was a member of the V club. Actually, most guys (if they were not virgins) would just say, “Wow! I respect that about you. I don’t know how you do that because it seems impossible.” I never really understood that thought process but, I guess being a virgin when you get married is not the most popular road to travel because we live in a society where people do not want to wait because everyone wants everything right then.

Deciding to remain a virgin was backed up a lot by my faith. I know a lot of faith-driven people who disagree with my stance on remaining pure and that’s ok but, the thing that always gets me most about having sex with multiple people is, you never forget it. Then those people end up in bed with you and your future spouse. If you’ve slept with four people, outside of your spouse, on the wedding night they follow you. This thought concept, outside of my faith convictions, helped me remain pure. I’m not sure what kept my husband pure, besides his faith, but I’m glad that neither of us knew a thing about sex with another partner when we got married. It would’ve been very awkward for me and I probably would’ve been even more nervous than I was!

I waited for twenty-seven years to experience a phenomenon that probably 95% of my friends already had. Was it a hard wait? Yes! But, think about the things you are waiting for. I don’t know about you but I appreciate my iPad Pro that I had to save for more than my Apple Watch that someone gave me the money for. I’m thankful for all of it but some things, I appreciate more, like the things I had to save for and wait to possess. Doesn’t that make you appreciate it that much more? Maybe it’s just me.

This isn’t an article to bash people who haven’t saved their virginity, please don’t think that. It’s just an article to encourage those who have decided to wait. It may not be the popular thing but… It’s definitely something worth waiting for. As I mentioned earlier, I started crying when my husband and I experienced sex for the first time and it wasn’t for any other reason besides the fact of the love I felt at that moment. I knew that he’d never felt the way he did about me, about anyone else. I knew that I was the one he planned on spending the rest of his life with, seriously. I knew that he loved me beyond what I could even imagine.

-Amber Smith Dash

You have to talk about racism with your kids.

One of the issues that we parents have to understand and address with our teens, is racism. Racism is everywhere lately. It is in the news. Our kids are all around it. It permeates their social media. It is in the music. It is all around them. Let’s define racism first.

Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

In the news

  • Morgan Wallen’s use of the N-word
  • Kanye West Hitler comments.
  • Anti-Semitism in the news.
  • The Royal Family Drama

These are just a few examples of what is going on in our teenager’s atmosphere. They hear the n-word in all their music, all over TikTok, in their video game chats, in their school hallways, at their sporting events, from coaches, friends, and family. It is just everywhere. How do we even begin to talk about it with our teens? I will do my best to give you some guidance.

God made man in His image.

Let’s start at the very beginning. God created man, Adam to be specific. He created him perfect. God made Adam a perfect partner, Eve. From there He never created another thing. He does not create today. He never created another race. GOD ONLY CREATED THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!!! There are no different races. There is only one race, the human race. This is the Biblical foundation of Christianity. No, we did not evolve from apes. We are all one race. There are definitely different ethnicities. No doubt about that.


The late Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould said, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859 [the year Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published], but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of the evolutionary theory.”

One of the worst things to be taught is the theory that we as humans somehow evolved from apes. Darwin himself concluded that the white race is the superior race. That thinking led Hitler to try and create a “master” race and that led to the wholesale murder of millions of Jewish people. That whole idea is ant-Christian in its thinking and is being shoved down your children’s throats at schools all across the country. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your kids that we did not come from a monkey and that we were created by a Creator.

The never-ending conversation.

The n-word is in my opinion more prevalent today than it has ever been. It is in all of our music, movies, culture, and society. It causes pain, frustration, and anger, and just gets an emotional response when used. Recently a high school student had his football scholarship rescinded after a social media post showed him rapping along to a rap song that uses the n-word. Morgan Wallen was canceled for a while after a video showed him using a racial slur. The conversation to have with our kids is about the origin of the word, the connotation of the word, and how it has been used to disparage, degrade, and dehumanize people of color. As Christians, this word has no place in our vocabulary, no matter the color of our skin. Will this be an uncomfortable conversation? Yep. Most conversations about racism are. Remember, words do indeed have power.

Talk It Out

Understanding the roots of racism will help us deal with combatting racism in our lives, churches, and schools. So, any fight worth fighting, and fighting racism is one, starts at home. Understanding our Creator’s design and the plan is paramount to combatting racism. Just talk t your kids about race, creation, Jesus, and how a Christian should behave.

You Made Us Stink!

I have been teaching through the book of Exodus with the youth group. I have just been taking it chapter by chapter and really without an outline. I wanted the scriptures to just speak for themselves. When students would ask questions, we would stop and examine the scripture more closely. When we ran across the following scripture, they asked a ton of questions.

Then, as they came out from Pharaoh, they met Moses and Aaron who stood there to meet them. And they said to them, “Let the LORD look on you and judge because you have made us abhorrent in the sight of Pharaoh and in the sight of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to kill us.” -Exodus 5:20-21

The students asked what “abhorrent” meant. I said, “to quote the Grinch, “Stink, Stank, Stunk”. That’s what it means in Hebrew. So I decided we needed to look into this passage a bit more. Here is what we found. The leaders of Israel in Egypt were mad at Moses and Aaron because they had made the leaders of Israel look bad in the sight of Pharaoh. Yeah, that Pharoah. The slave-driving, ruler of them, who held them in captivity. The leaders were upset that Moses and Aaron had made them look bad to Pharoah. So here are our takeaways.

First, I was not surprised. Having read and studied the Old Testament and the Israelites, I have seen their behavior patterns. The leaders here would be the same ones that wanted to return to Egypt while in the desert. So, it was no shock to me that the leaders reacted this way.

Second, we care how we “look’ to people that we don’t really care about anyway! I know our teens care about how they look to their peer groups. They dress like the crowds, they talk like the crowds, and they all just want to fit in. I get it. We as adults do it too! As parents we want our kids to not be social outcasts, we want them to have friends. We want them to enjoy school. We want them to fit in. Why? Because it is easier to fit in than to stand out. We as Christians should stand out. We should be different. We should be noticeable. What we should not do is try so hard to fit in with the world. We must be unique as Jesus is unique.

Let’s talk about student loans and your teens.

With so much talk about student loans recently, I thought I would give you my thoughts on the whole debacle. Recently, the President said that the US Government would forgive up to $300 billion worth of federal student loans. Each person who qualifies will receive at max ten thousand forgiveness. While it seems like a good deal, it is just a political tool for midterms. I am not against student loan forgiveness, I am just not sure if it will have an impact on the American people. Currently, there is about 1.7 trillion dollars worth of “federal” student loan. After the debt forgiveness, there will be around 1.3 trillion dollars. My main issue is this if federal student loans are a crisis, and it is, then why are we still giving them out? This is the whole issue I have. Let me share a few different views on the whole student loan debacle.

  1. Parents, pay attention. Please do not let your kid get into student debt. If you really want them to be successful, do these things. Encourage them to go to a local community college. Live at home, work a job, save their money, and work the plan. Matter of fact, have them dual enrolled while in high school because it will help them get done and out of college quicker.
  2. Do not fall for the marketing. Somewhere along the way marketing has infiltrated our culture and how we see college. For some reason, we have been sold the idea that where we go to college matters. For the most part, it does not matter. Over the past five years, I have asked many professionals if the people hired ever asked where they went to college. The answer is still a one hundred percent no. The talk of where they went to school only comes up when they are talking about football. So, we as parents have to be aware that college is marketed to us. We believe it should be only four years. Why? Because that is what we have been sold. If you would tell your kids to go through college debt free and pay cash, they will come out in 6 years with a bachelor’s. Sure it may take a little while longer, but the end of their college looks different than the normal students. They will be debt free, with a degree, and then can take a job they want and not just a job that pays them. That is a huge difference and will help your kid win.
  3. I want my kid to go to ____________ University. Parents, brace yourself, if you are not paying for your kid’s college, which is your prerogative, you can only advise your kids on where they attend school. If you are paying, then you have a say in it. I have seen so many parents insist their kids go to that university, you know the one that the parents are probably still paying student loans to because they went there and want their kids to go to. As always, figure out your child and what is best for them.
  4. College is hard. This whole “college experience” thing is a marketing ploy. The actual college experience is tired students, frustrations, tons of studying, no money, test, quizzes, homework, busyness, poor diet, and so much more. Sounds fun huh? It is not. College courses are getting harder, more intense, and more involved. Your kids are going to struggle for a while in that environment.

These are just some things that we parents can do to help our students make a better, more informed, debt-free, decisions to help them win in the future.

The thing about selfies….

For the past few months, I have tried to grasp an idea that has been floating around in my mind. When I was growing up, we had Polaroid cameras. You know the type where you took a photo, and it came out on the white framed paper, and against the manufacturer’s suggestions, we shook it. I am old enough to remember when you had to take a roll of film to be developed, drop it off, and then return later to pick it up. There was also a crazy business that would develop your photos in an hour. Crazy. So now when I look back through the albums around my house and at my parent’s house, I notice that the photos are of the things we saw, the places we went, and the occasional family photo. What you do not see are hundreds of selfies. The selfies are the things that irk me. It is not the occasional selfie, but the constant selfies. We all have seen the person who posts selfies all day, every day. Our teenage girls are so obsessed with their image and appearance that they are suffering record-high cases of anxiety and depression. Our teenage girls are so wrapped up in their selfies, that when one that does not garner enough likes will be deleted. The amount of filters photoshops, touch-ups, lighting, and all the technology to make these girls look good are absurd. Somewhere along the way our daughters have been sold a lie. That lie is that their worth or value is wrapped up in their looks. This is not a new lie that women are hearing, but an old one. The new wrinkle is the total focus on self. Then our girls hear about a Proverbs 31 woman or a “virtous” woman and have no clue what that even means or how to become that. Then the culture is telling them that they need no man, they are all they ever need, and the world is against them because they are a woman. Meanwhile, our girls are lost, anxious, depressed, and eating disorders are raging throughout our teenage girls.

If you hang around teenage girls any amount of time, you will notice how addicted they are to their phones. It is their lifeline to their friends and the world around them. At my house, my daughter is trying to convince me that she needs a social media account. She will never convince me of that because of all the issues that social media leads to in our daughters. Here’s a side note, it is not just limited to our teenage girls either. We see grown women comparing themselves to other women on social media, and judging their life according to social media standards. As a parent, we just have to stay vigilant and help our daughters see how wonderful they are and how much value they really have. It is not an easy task but a huge undertaking!

Feet pics, messaging, and your teen.

Kids say the darndest things. They especially say those things when there is a sense of anonymity to them. A friend of mine asked recently if she should go through her teenage daughters phone, and my resounding answer was, YES!!!!!!! Now it is not only for snooping for anything your child has sent that may be inappropriate, but to see what people are sending your teen. See, our teens see, hear, and observe the world and then act accordingly. They are getting request for nudes, feet pics, live chats from the shower, request for meet ups, and attention from people they may know and may not know. So, as a parent you have to protect your child from the wolves out there. That cell phone is a huge window to your childs world. It provides so many opportunities for a glimpse into the private life of your kids. Social media is the number one tool for child predators to locate your kids, see private details about their lives, and move predatorily towards those kids. Now the best solution is to simply through their phone away, however in todays world, that is just not practical. Kids need their phones, and they need to learn how to behave on their phones. What they say, what they post, the amount of screen time, the content on their phone, has to be filtered through the parents. One of the comments on my friends question was that at their house phones are left to charge in a public area overnight. That is a great idea. We as parents have to be diligent about our child’s electronic consumption.

To the parents of prepubescent and teenage boys, do you realize how quickly and easily our sons can access porn? Less than 10 seconds. Do you know how highly addictive that porn is? Do you know how your kids hide that porn on their phones? Do you know how that effects a teenage boys brain for decades to come? Did you know that studies show that age 12 is the first time they view porn? Did you know porn destroys a young mans sex drive? Did you know that boys ages 17-29 are the most prescribed Viagra patients? Did you know that the long term effects of porn addiction lead to a ton of relationship problems? Did you know that your child’s friends are sharing porn with them? Did you know most porn is viewed in the hours between 8am and 5 pm? Did you know porn dehumanizes women? Did you know that porn accelerates sexual gratification? There are so many issues to cover with your boys.

To the parents of prepubescent and teenage girls, did you know your daughters are being sexualized at early ages? Did you know our daughters are becoming sexually active at younger ages? Did you know people look for sexual images of our daughters? Did you know that swimsuit pics are the number one way child sexual predators find victims? Did you know that our daughters are groomed by culture to become sexually identified earlier and earlier? Did you know that our daughters are being taught sex is their greatest tool? Did you know that our daughters are learning to use sex to get what they want? Did you know that our daughters crave male attention? Did you know that porn consumption among teenage girls is at its highest usage ever? I mean our girls are under attack from every angle.

So, I hope that maybe you stopped to think about all of this as a whole. Parenting is a hard job, with great rewards and ruthless consequences. We MUST protect our kids from the world around them and themselves. It is our job to help them become the best versions of themselves.

A Window To Your World

I was at a high school the other day talking to students about Abstinence and Social Media is always a topic. I told them the story of a time in High School when a girl named Heather wanted me to call her one night. Of course, I did. Her dad answered the phone and I asked for Heather, he told me she died and promptly hung up. The next day she asked me why I didn’t call her, I said I had and that her dad had told me she was dead, so that was that. The students laughed and said that’s funny. I agreed. That led me to the point of, today’s teens have unprecedented access to each other. There is no middle man, no gatekeeper, no dad telling a teen their daughter is unavailable, no nothing. Teens Facetime each other in the bed, in their rooms, while in the bathroom, driving down the street, and at all times. Teens simply have no private boundaries. I mean as a teenage boy that kind of access is just an invitation to a private world. Cell phones give access to areas of teenagers’ lives that is unprecedented and what I believe is unhealthy. So, teens and parents, let me give you 3 things to help keep yourself or your teen safe and healthy.

  1. Access Denied.

Parents, did you know that the world we grew up in no longer exists? Our teens are in a whole new world. A world where access is easy and unfiltered? When we were growing up, there was no access to a girl’s room. If you were lucky enough to go to a girl’s house, you’d never make it to her bedroom. You would be stuck with her parents watching Wheel of Fortune, true story, or be outside on the porch. Now, our teens have Facetime and that gives unfiltered access to private areas of their lives. Talking to teens, they Facetime everywhere, driving, in bed, showering, getting ready, and as one girl said, even going to the bathroom. So as a parent, you have to limit that. Facetime or video chat should be in public areas of your home. No bedrooms, bathrooms, or private areas. No Facetime when driving shouldn’t have to be said but, no Facetime while driving. Set limits on time also. Your teens will Facetime all night long until one passes out! We know your teens need a lot of rest.

2. Eliminate Creepers

Peeping Toms are nothing new. However, in today’s age, they are not as prevalent as they used to be. Why? Well, porn is easier accessed, and if there is a girl they are interested in, there will be photos and videos. So instead of a creeper fogging up the window outside a girl’s bedroom, they fog up the window to their world, social media accounts. I ask the teenage girls what they would do if they were in their room changing and saw a creeper out their window, and the answer is always the same, scream and run. Yet, they post videos and pictures in provocative outfits on social media and do not think anyone will creep them. Hahahahahahahaahh. “Well, my accounts are private” Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. There are so many workarounds for private accounts, and this point always makes the girls get stunned into silence, you have no clue which of your friends is a creeper either.

So parents, eliminate pictures of your daughters in their undies, provocative outfits, and swimsuits. Do I like that? No. Is our world dangerous? Yes. Are our daughter’s huge targets for sexual traffickers? Yes. I am only talking about your under 18-year-old daughters. After high school, they should know how it is and act accordingly.

3. Access Granted

Parents, your child will have multiple accounts on social media. I am not talking about one account on Instagram, one on Snapchat, and so on. Nope, they will have multiple accounts on each platform. Sometimes they are referred to as “spam” accounts by the youth. Here is a practical tip, have access to all of your children’s social media accounts. You should have total access to their phones at all times. If they fight you on that, and they will, you are the parent. You pay for the phone, you have access to the phone. Pretty simple concept. If they pay for their own phone, you are still their parent and you have access to their phone. If they fight you about access to their phone, they have something to hide. That is a fact. So have access to all your kid’s electronic devices.

These are just a few practical tips for you as parents. It all is about open communication. So talk to your kids about staying safe and having their own private refuge that the outside world does not have access to. They need a place to decompress.

Change the World by Starting Small

If You want to Change the World You have to Learn to Carry Your Cheese

• 1 Samuel 17:18 “And carry these ten cheeses to the captain of their thousand, and see how your brothers fare and bring back news of them.”

I. God Wants you to be faithful in the SMALL things.

David started the day carrying cheese but ended the day carrying Goliath’s head.
• His father told him to “Take along these ten cheeses to the commander of their unit.” (1 Sam 17:18) So, David was a delivery driver. He delivered sandwiches, soda, and cheeses and ultimately delivered Israel from the Philistines. Later that same day the Bible tells us that as soon as David returned from killing the Philistine, Abner took him and brought him before Saul, with David still holding the Philistine’s head. (1 Sam 17:57)- Just 39 verses!!

• David wasn’t trying to be a leader or a hero. He was simply trying to obey his father and serve his brothers. He seemed perfectly content to carry cheese to those who were on the front lines.

If obedience and service is our goal, then greatness is often the result.

• David was doing a simple task when he was faced with a monumental challenge.
• See God gives us the small tasks to do to see if we will be faithful. Small things such as attendance, tithing, serving.

• Goliath was speaking against the Israelites and against God.
• David had Righteous Indigitation against Goliath.
• Righteous indignation is a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another.
• Do we have righteous indignation over people insulting Christianity, Jesus, and ultimately God?

But if greatness is the goal, pride is often the result.

• Look at the small items God uses in the Bible to accomplish big things.
• Small stones to defeat Goliath.
• Small jar of Alabaster to anoint Jesus
• Small amount of fish and bread to feed multitudes.
• In our society a growing feeling of entitlement, such as, “I deserve a promotion (without the process)” … “I deserve the position, prestige, and responsibility without having to pay the price and be faithful today.”
• Today our oatmeal is ready to eat in 60 seconds, our prescription lenses are ready to be picked up in 60 minutes, and our house can be built in 60 days. We are a culture that is used to getting what we want instantly. We aren’t used to working patiently or waiting on anything—even a hamburger.

• Jesus taught, “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much, and he who is unrighteous in a little thing is unrighteous also in much. If therefore you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous riches, who will entrust the true riches to you?” (Luke 16:11).

• What we want today is much more without the very little. We want the tip without the toil, the gain without the grind, the sweets without the sweat, the prize without the pain, and the perks without the perseverance. Today, duty, diligence, hard work, and attention to detail are rare commodities in any endeavor—whether it be at home, at work, or at church.
• Grit, Grind, and then Glory!!
• See there is nothing Small when God Is In it!!
• No small missions
• No small churches
• No small deeds
• No small needs
• Being faithful in the small things requires the power of perspective.

• If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.

• In the small things God is cultivating the larger things.
• He is giving you tools to be successful in the bigger, larger things.

God has called us to slay the giants!!

• But we often want to do the big things but don’t want to do the small things to be faithful. We have to learn to carry the cheese.

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