You have to talk about racism with your kids.

One of the issues that we parents have to understand and address with our teens, is racism. Racism is everywhere lately. It is in the news. Our kids are all around it. It permeates their social media. It is in the music. It is all around them. Let’s define racism first. Racism is defined asContinue reading “You have to talk about racism with your kids.”

Let’s talk about student loans and your teens.

With so much talk about student loans recently, I thought I would give you my thoughts on the whole debacle. Recently, the President said that the US Government would forgive up to $300 billion worth of federal student loans. Each person who qualifies will receive at max ten thousand forgiveness. While it seems like aContinue reading “Let’s talk about student loans and your teens.”

Feet pics, messaging, and your teen.

Kids say the darndest things. They especially say those things when there is a sense of anonymity to them. A friend of mine asked recently if she should go through her teenage daughters phone, and my resounding answer was, YES!!!!!!! Now it is not only for snooping for anything your child has sent that mayContinue reading “Feet pics, messaging, and your teen.”