TikTok is Bad for Your Teen? No kidding.

An article from the Wall Street Journal came to me from a friend about the dangers of TikTok. I read it and was like, no kidding it is not a place for teens. I could have told you this real quick. Why? The content. However, the Wall Street Journal created dozens of accounts for fictionalContinue reading “TikTok is Bad for Your Teen? No kidding.”

Vaccines, Christians, and love thy neighbor……

Recently I have seen a advertising campaign for the Covid 19 vaccine that is about getting the vaccine because we as a country should “love our neighbor”. While that is just a guilt trip advertisement, it does bring up some good points. “Love thy neighbor” is often referenced when trying to get a population toContinue reading “Vaccines, Christians, and love thy neighbor……”

Satan, culture, and economic success.

By now we have all heard about Lil Nas X and his new video where he is giving Satan a lap dance. He also released a shoe that contained human blood and satanic symbols. Those same satanic symbols are obviously spread throughout the video and across his brand. I had numerous people ask me aboutContinue reading “Satan, culture, and economic success.”