The Quest For Purity

As a youth pastor, one of the biggest hurdles that I face is talking to students about sex and purity. I will say that our teens are way more sexually active at a younger age and higher pace. They are marinated in a sexualized culture. Sex is everywhere around them. It is prevalent in theirContinue reading “The Quest For Purity”

Overcoming Fear

I was able to share at the Alabama Adult Education Conference. I spoke on Overcoming Fear in students, and adults. Below is my outline I used. What Causes Fear? While each one of us struggles with fear, we all probably have different backstories surrounding that fear. Your story is unique, your students’ story is uniqueContinue reading “Overcoming Fear”

Conversation Starter #1

Parents, you know that teenagers are hard to talk to. They give you short answers, no answers, or just noises. So, I thought that I would give you some conversation starters to help you and your teens communicate more efficiently. People love to talk about themselves and their dreams, goals, plans, and beliefs. So whyContinue reading “Conversation Starter #1”


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